Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma or LGP were the first organisation to be granted a licence to grow and produce medicinal cannabis products in WA. 

This is a huge growth industry with the potential to generate significant revenue and to help drastically improve the quality of life of people suffering conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy and anxiety.  LGP hold a patent on a unique manufacturing process that will see them become a significant leader in this field. 

There is still resistance within some sectors to the use of medicinal cannabis and there are negative connotations due to recreational use in it’s non medical form.  

With this in mind, from a branding perspective LGP wished to steer clear of any overt association with the word cannabis or any related iconography such as the typical cannabis leaf or bud. They commissioned AT Creative and Slick Design to help them develop a strong distinctive brand that would differentiate them from other players in this rapidly emerging market.

As a name little green pharma is warm and friendly suggesting a professional yet organic company that will start small and grow into something significant. This is articulated visually through the use of a fresh green colour pallet, a friendly rounded font, and a simple generic sprouting leaf motif that conveys, new beginnings and growth. 

The collateral is based on these elements and the look and feel extends to their bespoke website created in house by the Slick Team. 

Work is currently underway to design a range of simple, elegant packaging for the products that they will ultimately be producing and distributing.    

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