• Little Green Pharma

    Little Green Pharma or LGP were the first organisation to be granted a licence to grow and produce medicinal cannabis products in WA. 

    This is a huge growth industry with the potential to generate significant revenue and to help drastically improve the quality of life of people suffering conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy and anxiety.  LGP hold a patent on a unique manufacturing process that will see them become a significant leader in this field. 

    There is still resistance within some sectors to the use of medicinal cannabis and there are negative connotations due to recreational use in it’s non medical form.  

    With this in mind, from a branding perspective LGP wished to steer clear of any overt association with the word cannabis or any related iconography such as the typical cannabis leaf or bud. They commissioned AT Creative and Slick Design to help them develop a strong distinctive brand that would differentiate them from other players in this rapidly emerging market.

    As a name little green pharma is warm and friendly suggesting a professional yet organic company that will start small and grow into something significant. This is articulated visually through the use of a fresh green colour pallet, a friendly rounded font, and a simple generic sprouting leaf motif that conveys, new beginnings and growth. 

    The collateral is based on these elements and the look and feel extends to their bespoke website created in house by the Slick Team. 

    Work is currently underway to design a range of simple, elegant packaging for the products that they will ultimately be producing and distributing.    

  • Team Lunch

    An awesome lunch to celebrate eofy. A great celebration for a fantastic year of hard work by all!

  • Up2You – WA Charity Website

    The team at Up2You approached us needing a digital presence for their not-for profit organisation. They needed a website for investors and prospective volunteers to learn more about the organisation and wanted to provide a tool for information and research to be readily available for those in need.

    After refreshing the logo we created a bright, clear and concise website with simple navigation for all visitors. The design includes easily legible text, colour coded pages and a text size widget.

  • Shell – National Reconciliation Week 2017

    To commemorate 2017 being 50 years since the 1967 referendum and 25 years since the historic Mabo decision, Shell engaged us to create some signage for the Shell House foyer. Eight different light boxes with historic information and imagery and a 3m floor graphic with an historic timeline.

  • Lion’s Eye Institute Annual Report 2016

    An 88 page Annual Report featuring strong, bright colours and circular elements from their new logo refresh. The photography focussed on the real people behind the organisation in action working to make a difference. The white cover with spot UV on the 2016 ensures the focus is all on the clarity and colour of the eye.

  • Slick Windows

    The Slick team enjoying some autumn sunshine in front of our new Slick window signage. 

  • HeartKids WA Christmas Hamper

    What a wonderful treat! Thanks so much to the wonderful HeartKids WA inc. team for spoiling us with a Christmas hamper. We will be enjoying this tomorrow afternoon!

  • Slick Christmas Lunch

    Enjoyed a lovely Slick lunch in Subiaco yesterday to celebrate the festive season. Don’t worry, we’re hard at work back in the office today until Friday, reopening on the 4th of January to get stuck into 2016. Merry Christmas!

  • Dadaru Branding

    With a strong connection between the land and sea, Dadaru’s new set of brand marks are ready to be rolled out. For more of the meaning behind the logo, view it in the Branding section of our Portfolio.

  • Hamburger Menus

    Do you know what a hamburger menu is? Visit some of our examples on codepen and you will! You’ll also get an idea of just how varied and unique something so small can be. Attention to detail is what makes even the most minimal websites a pleasure to interact with.


  • Midas Engineering Group

    Midas Engineering Group’s new logo took great inspiration from M.C. Escher. Are you familiar with his work? Check it out and see if you can see the comparison! For more of the reasoning behind MEG’s new brand mark, have a look at the rationale in the Branding section of our Portfolio.

  • Mid-Century Cafe and Collectables

    Looking forward to a cup of coffee and a browse at the upcoming Mid-Century Cafe and Collectables which we have recently done the branding for! Watch this space for an opening date.

  • The Third Dimension

    The web is a place of constant evolution, so we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest new ideas to make our client’s websites shine. Check out these awesome visuals that use the layering of multiple images and a splash of javascript to introduce the feel of a third dimension. A great inclusion to get users actively involved in the media they’re viewing.

  • FIFOga Branding

    Fun and flexible new branding for FIFOga – a FIFO yoga group.

  • Genesis CancerCare referral pad

    A medical referral pad need not be drab – the Genesis CancerCare green, combined with a grid of photos showcasing their work and staff, create an inviting cover, while the form inside and typography is clean and professional – and easy for referring doctors to read.

  • WANRI Annual Report

    WANRI’s world class research took to the stage in their first annual report. The beautiful blue colour scheme and neuron element combined with lab and research photographs to showcase their 2014 achievements.

  • Review us!

    Had a great experience working with the Slick team? Please let us know! We’d love to have your reviews on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

  • Kids’ Workbook for the Herdsman

    Custom illustrations of cute, colourful fruit and vegetables feature in this neat kid’s workbook we created for The Herdsman. What a great way to keep fresh food fun and exciting!

  • ‘Style Up’ magazine for Lakeside Joondalup

    Dynamic shapes and fresh colours came together to showcase the variety of fashion available at Lakeside Joondalup in their quarterly ‘Style Up’ magazine. Make sure you pick one up when you next visit!

  • De Lecq Le Montais Website

    De Lecq Le Montais’s website is up and running. Their clean, chic style leaves plenty of room for some great fashion shots with simple, straight-to-the-point information for both clients and independent hairdressers looking for a top-notch salon to freelance within.


  • Lakeside Joondalup Hoardings

    It’s been a busy few months preparing a whole range of hoardings for Lakeside Joondalup​. If you’re browsing the shops you’re going to be walking past more than a few Slick creations!

  • Centrepeak Resources Group Branding

    The first peek at a new brand we’re working with: Centrepeak Resources Group. With the logo now being rolled out, business cards are the first thing to arrive back from print. Watch this space!

  • TSA A3 Maintenance Book

    TSA’s A3 Maintenance books are durable, waterproof, but can also be written on – perfect for their use, keeping a ship’s log!

  • Lions Eye Institute Annual Report 2014

    It’s that glorious time of year again when the Lions Eye Institute​’s Annual Report is released. This year’s design focused on the Institute’s five goals, which guide the report’s content with the use of iconry and colour-coding. Perfect bound and with branded CDs, the full digital version can be viewed online here: http://goo.gl/HnFkEM

  • Save the Date

    With a Mexican flavour, here’s another custom illustration we’ve done recently – this time a save the date for a wedding that will be taking place in Mexico. With matching envelopes and a high-end textured stock for a small print run, these save the dates are definitely going to be remembered, which is exactly what they’re intended for!

  • Splash-back Design

    It’s great fun when design meets interior decoration. Here’s a splash-back we put together for a client, in situ in their home, and they couldn’t be happier with the results having spent months trying to find just the right look for their kitchen.

  • Kelly’s 40th Invite

    Invites are the perfect opportunity for a bit of custom illustration! This double-sided DL for Kelly is based on a supplied photograph of the Birthday girl, personalising a special event.

  • DBP 2015 Website

    After redesign and development we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new website for the DBP (Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline).


  • Mardie & Co 2014 Website

    We are super excited about the launch of Mardie & Co. website. What an absolute pleasure of a project to work on, for some amazing clients! A veritable feast for the eyes, if you have an event happening in WA, these are the go-to experts to see. www.mardie.co

  • Design Perfect

    Here at Slick Design we strive for perfection. This means getting our websites to be pixel perfect to our designs. Getting this amount of quality can be tough, so we’ve built a handy web tool to make this process quick and easy. By overlaying a translucent version of the site over the final design, its easy to spot any tweaks that need tweaking!

    This tool is available to everyone so please feel free to use it! Just go to slickdesign.com.au/designperfect.

  • Welcome, Charlotte!

    Our awesome new Junior Designer, Charlotte, is fitting right in! First project in the flesh: Synergy’s Soapbox Moments Silhouettes.

  • TSA Brand Refresh

    TSA needed a full brand refresh, which included updating the logo and creating a whole look and feel to roll out across print collateral and the new website: www.transhipmentservices.com.au

  • Shell Pride in Production Stress Cubes

    Some new toys for the office! A sample of the stress cubes we’ve produced for Shell for their six areas of focus with the icons we created earlier in the year.

  • HeartKids WA Winter 2014 Newsletter

    There’s been a little hiatus since the last issue, which makes us all the happier to announce this season’s HeartKids WA inc. newsletter, including a feature on this year’s HeartKids WA Annual Ball, which happened in March and was – as always – a wonderful event! You can view the full newsletter online here: http://goo.gl/kf2Lbh

  • HeartCare WA Brand Collateral

    HeartCare WA are rapidly developing their brand over a huge range of print and digital collateral, and we’re happy to be helping create consistency across the board. Here’s just a small sample of some of the items being produced: brochures, referral pads, business cards, newsletters and regular patient information flyers.

  • DBP 30 Year Celebratory Event

    DBP (the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline) are celebrating 30 years, and this last Tuesday held an event at the Perth Arena, featuring the 30 year logo we created for them and a range of branded pull-up banners. Happy anniversary, DBP!

  • UMC Consulting

    It’s a busy month of branding! We’ve also recently finalised the logo for an upcoming company, UMC Consulting.

    For more branding, visit www.slickdesign.com.au and view our Branding portfolio.

  • Awakening Your Greatness Branding

    Awakening Your Greatness bring inspirational, spiritual and motivational teachers to Australia from around the world. They needed a logo and identity to roll out across their upcoming events, which you can find out more about on their Facebook page.

  • Maurice Meade 2014 Website

    Maurice Meade are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary – happy anniversary! – and doing it in style with a brand new website. Moving away from black, the refresh is just that: light, and bright, and refreshing! With an EDM competition launch that’s seen some great feedback on the new look, it’s definitely worth checking out. Don’t forget about the mobile version!


  • Mardie & Co Event Collateral

    Recent collateral for a Mardie & Co event with a magic theme – including seating plan, table numbers, place cards and name tags. Thanks to Mardie & Co for sending us images from the night!

  • Shell Pride in Production

    Shell Australia’s Prelude FLNG is now on the water, and they have developed six topics of focus for their project teams: Learn & Grow Ourselves, Open & Honest Communication, One Team One Family, Care & Ownership, Continually Improving Performance, and Leadership At All Levels. Shell wanted to develop a series of posters to introduce these to their teams, and so we created a set of original icons and colour pairings from the Shell palette. These posters have been a great hit, and are currently being put into production in a range of merchandise.

  • Sensational Working Adventures

    A little bit of nitty gritty, textural work to help us think about the outdoors back in the office on a Monday! Sensational Working Adventures’ new logo is in action across a stationery set including business cards and letterheads.

  • Maurice Meade Winter 2014 Campaign

    Well the rain has certainly set in for the season! Maybe you’re spending a lot more time indoors, in one of Perth’s many shopping centres. Have you seen Maurice Meade’s winter campaign in the salon windows? With the lovely Scherri-Lee Biggs.

  • Inspire HR

    Inspire HR are a personalised human resources company who work closely with their clients. They needed a powerful, corporate brand mark with a hint of bright personality to stand out from the crowd. Stationery now ready to go, Inspire HR can start to get their name out…

  • Master Builders WA Smart Waste Guide

    The Master Builders Smart Waste Guide is a free and practical guide for commercial and residential builders and subcontractors to help cut disposal costs, meet contractual obligations, limit risks and benefit the environment. It needed an earthy, natural look and feel with the Master Builders Green Living colours and certified all recycled stock.

    View the full guide online here

  • Animal Emergency Care

    Animal Emergency Care have a new name and needed an updated logo to begin rebranding, ready for the Million Paws Walk. Pull-up banner and posters for display, as well as free magnets to keep their emergency care hotline number close at hand.

  • Mardie & Co Events Update

    We’d like to say a great big thank you to the wonderful Mardie who sent us these photos of her new branding in action. It’s great to see where our work gets to and we always love a catch-up email, so if you ever have any quick phone snap-shots, send it our way!

  • Shell Work Inspiration Book

    Nice to start off a working week with some fresh, colourful design! This is a Work Inspiration booklet for Shell, to get school children involved and interacting with plans for their future careers. With lots of illustration, use of Shell’s great secondary palette and plenty of hand-drawn lines, we think kids will love filling out these self-reflective work books. We know we would!

  • Lions Eye Annual Report

    Lions Eye Institute’s 2013 Annual Report has now been released. 126 page, perfect bound document with custom illustrations. The full version is viewable online here: lei.org.au

  • GenesisCare Annual Event

    GenesisCare Shenton House’s Inaugural Annual Event was underway last night at the The Breakwater, after an extensive invitation campaign including a 1200 personalised send-out of invitations, RSVP cards and a brochure detailing the ground-breaking facilities now available in Joondalup. Keep your eye on this space for photos of the grand roll-out in action!

  • Bayswater Hotel Site Launch

    Pop down to the Bayswater Hotel tonight for a cold one! They have just undergone a major refurbishment and decided that their website required a much needed refresh too. With energetic colours and quirky modern fonts this new brand, and hotel has changed into a popular destination with plenty of things to offer!

    Check out the site at bayswater.com.au

  • ACH Global Website Redesign

    ACH Global needed a website refresh to compliment their logo. With bold colours, strong contrast and striking imagery, the website has an instant impact, which is important to make ACH stand out from numerous competitors in the mineral resources industry. The minimisation of information makes the content quick and easy to digest, making sure users’ know exactly who ACH Global are, and what they offer.

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