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Enhance your online presence by engaging the custom web design and web development services at Slick Design in Perth. With a skilled team of highly experienced web developers and passionate creatives, we’ll bring your website to life. We’re committed to ensuring your website delivers an exceptional user experience, with a sleek design and optimal functionality. Whether you’re looking to simply improve your current website or do a complete overhaul, speak with the Slick team today by calling 9200 8000 or emailing

Web Development FAQS

Find out more about our web development and design services with our most frequently asked questions below.

Why is having a website important?

Your website is essentially your ’shopfront’ and the most common platform a customer is looking for to learn about you. It’s extremely important that when they do find you, your website also delivers an excellent user experience to effectively engage and convert.

Why should I choose Slick to build my website?

We are a team of highly experienced creatives and web developers and our websites are custom-coded, so we don’t use templates, as these go out of date quick. We also ensure all the sites we build are future-proof and fully scalable.

How big is the team working on my project? What are their specialties?

Your web development and design team is made up of 7 people, including three web developers, three creatives and a UX designer.

How long will a new website take to build?

Depending on scope of your web design project, it can take between 5 to 16 weeks from conception to completion.

Will you maintain my website afterwards?

Yes, we offer varying web maintenance schedules as well as ad-hoc projects/updates whenever requested.

Will I be able to make updates to the website myself when finished?

Yes, we provide full training on using your new site and we’re always available should you have any questions.

Web platforms we work with

We work with a number of web design platform and we’ll help you to devise which platform works best for you.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world as it’s suitable for almost all applications, from blogs and eCommerce websites to portfolios and business site. With a wide range of plugins available and a huge community of developers working with it, WordPress has become a powerful platform that is both user friendly and incredibly customisable.


Magento websites are rapidly becoming the norm for online businesses, in essence because they give substantial horsepower to sales and revenue generation. This is achieved through cleaner URLs, tags, and descriptions, embedded with effective key words – all of which complement search engines with excellent results. Magento is also PHP based which is much faster than other (most commonly built in Java format) e-Commerce sites. Conveniently, at Slick Design, dedicated in-house Magento website specialists are available to guide you through the process of making your site perform at its optimum best.


SilverStripe is an intuitive open-source content management system and flexible framework adopted by Slick Design’s web development and coding team. Its ease-of-use makes every-day content updates simple to achieve for content authors. SilverStripe can be applied to websites, intranets and other web applications to produce impressive design, interactive and social functions.

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