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Today’s social and electronic media demands more than just still imagery; instead, tailor-made motion graphics are what give many businesses their edge, especially for presentations at conferences and expos.

Used as an effective tool in providing a quick and smart company snapshot, motion graphics, digital animation and video can be produced at our Perth-based agency and personalised to a Slick-created brand or adapted to externally created brands. Working in 2D animations and motion graphics, we seek to add value to your campaign by delivering a dynamic edge to your brand. If animation and motion graphic elements seem like a viable option for your marketing and digital presence, get the experts at Slick Design agency on board today.


  • Motion graphics are becoming very popular to show what a company does as still imagery cannot always do it justice.
  • The memorable nature of personalised animation helps you to stand out from a crowd, and give a striking, professional impression to clients.
  • They are great for catching people’s attention at conferences and expos.
  • The team at Slick can produce video or animation work that will align with a Slick-created brand to be rolled out seamlessly, and we can also work with an externally created brand.
  • Motion graphics and digital animation are great for use on websites and in PowerPoint presentations.


With our creatively designed motion graphics and other corporate branding services, Slick Design is ready to help you take your Perth business to the next level. Our dedication to delivering the perfect creative solution means that we will not rest until all your animation and motion graphic design needs are met.


Located in the heart of Subiaco, our highly experienced Perth agency offers services in digital animation, email marketing, logo design and more. We pride ourselves on being a creative design agency that is flexible and willing to exceed our client’s expectations. Do you have a project in mind? Contact us to get started or call us on (08) 9200 8000 today.

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