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What many business owners can sometimes fail to realise is that a business logo is usually at the forefront of a brand, and can easily make or break your audience’s perceptions. As a key branding element, it’s essential that your logo communicates exactly what your business is about.

With an over-saturated market filled with hundreds upon hundreds of competitors, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where our team at Slick Design can help – we’re a leading branding company specialising in graphic and logo design in Perth. We can draft, design and create a stylish logo for your business needs and implement this across other marketing collateral, both online and offline.



Developing your own professional corporate identity design with Slick Design is simple. Talk to us about your business, describe what it is you may have in mind, what your mission and vision are, and we’ll do the rest.

There are countless logo designers in Perth who may present good ideas. However, with Slick Design, we believe it’s our open lines of communication and dedication to our projects that enable us to yield well above excellent results for our clients. Our hands-on approach means you’re guaranteed to have the high level of service you deserve for such an important decision.



The next time you’re browsing competitor pages, Facebook feeds or looking for a business online or offline, take a moment to notice their branding, and more importantly, how they’ve designed their logo. This might give you an idea as to what you’d like from your own design. You can bring these ideas to us or we can start with a blank canvas and bring our ideas to you!

At Slick Design, we’re committed to our clients and are always willing to work with them to achieve the results they’re after. If you’re looking for a boutique design company for your corporate branding in Perth, look no further than Slick Design.

For more information about our logo design and other branding services, please do not hesitate to contact our team in Perth or call us today on 9200 8000.

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