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A strong, compelling brand is what sets a business apart from its competitors.

At Slick Design, we believe your brand is important. Afterall, it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. It’s a way for you to communicate your business’ core values, personality and key strengths, and when executed well can be both effective and impactful on your audience. When you rely on our leading branding company in Perth, we’ll work with you to create an individual brand for your business that represents not only what you do, but what your business stands for entirely.

Whether you’re an established brand in need of a branding refresh, or a start-up business new to the market, our team at Slick Design can deliver strong strategic direction or add new life into your existing brand. From creating a strong brand that builds trust with your customers, to providing corporate style guides, we offer the following branding services here in our Perth brand agency:


At the forefront of your business, your logo is what your customers first see. And a well-designed logo should be able to communicate what your brand is all about, without saying too much. Our branding company will design, draft and create a stylish logo that represents your Perth brand entirely, both offline and online.


Once we’ve established or added life into your existing brand, our team will provide you with your company’s style guide. This will allow you to see your new brand across multiple forms of media (brochures, the web, reports, signage), and will be your Holy Bible for ensuring continuity across your brand.


It’s no secret that design is our passion. And a well-designed brand can redefine your value in the local marketplace, whilst setting you apart from your direct competition. Get expert advice from one of the leading brand agencies in Perth– contact our creative team at Slick Design today.

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