• Dadaru Branding

    With a strong connection between the land and sea, Dadaru’s new set of brand marks are ready to be rolled out. For more of the meaning behind the logo, view it in the Branding section of our Portfolio.

  • Hamburger Menus

    Do you know what a hamburger menu is? Visit some of our examples on codepen and you will! You’ll also get an idea of just how varied and unique something so small can be. Attention to detail is what makes even the most minimal websites a pleasure to interact with.


  • Midas Engineering Group

    Midas Engineering Group’s new logo took great inspiration from M.C. Escher. Are you familiar with his work? Check it out and see if you can see the comparison! For more of the reasoning behind MEG’s new brand mark, have a look at the rationale in the Branding section of our Portfolio.

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